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Testdex uses a unique combination of natural, cutting-edge ingredients to boost testosterone while at the same time lowering estrogen


When do I take Testdex™?
Take 1 capsule, once per day, preferably at the same time every day.

Can I take Testdex with food?

What is the difference between Testdex and ALPHA?
Testdex and ALPHA work on different pathways. The two can be stacked for exceptional results.

Besides Testdex, what other supplements should I be taking?
GP3 EVO and ALPHA make great additions. If your main goal is to lose body fat, we suggest stacking Testdex with F-10.

What kind of results will I get with Testdex?
Every individual is different, but you should start feeling changes within 7 days of starting Testdex.

What kind of diet and training regime should I follow to maximize the effectiveness of Testdex?
Have a look at our blog (see the tab above). We have training routines and sample meal plans for all goals.


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