Crazy Mooskies | Original BBQ Sauce | 350ml



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Crazy Mooskies BBQ sauces are sugar free and made with straightforward, wholesome ingredients. As the name implies, they’re proud, crazy Canucks. Crazy Mooskies sugar free sauces are sweetened naturally with stevia, NOT sucralose.



Canada’s 1st Stevia Based BBQ Sauces! With only 1 g of carbohdyrates per 30 mL (2 Tbsp) serving, its the perfect alternative to other BBQ sauces. Lower in sodium also. Gluten Free-Vegan-Kosher Certified- No MSG and full of robust flavours! Sweetened with naturally sourced stevia! Perfect on steaks, chciken, fish, pork, vegetables or a dipping sauce for nachos and more! Original Flavour!


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