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Thermal XTC Hemp Energy Drink

From the award winning supplement innovation company Nutrabolics, we are pleased to present you with the world’s most innovative hemp-infused energy drink. THERMALXTC. This zero sugar, zero calories, stevia-sweetened, hit of refreshment is smooth in flavour while using naturally-sourced caffeine, mind-bending nootropics, and the mood-enhancing power of premium hemp seed to ignite all your experiences.

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THERMAL XTC® contains 11 revolutionary ingredients that work synergistically to ignite your body’s true fat-burning potential. The formula contains no proprietary blends, artificial colors, aspartame or other fillers your body doesn’t need—just pure fat-loss power you can feel.

Euphoric Energy & Focus
THERMAL XTC® also functions as a potent mood enhancer with the inclusion of a rare nutmeg extract called Myristica fragrans along with several breakthrough ingredients. These over-the-counter substances deliver an unmatched sensory experience you simply won’t believe. THERMAL XTC® is unlike any fat burner legally available.

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