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Why the White Chocolate Snickers Hi-Protein Protein Bar?

Snickers Hi-Protein It’s time to turn up the taste, with the latest launch from Protein by Mars! SNICKERS? Hi-Protein boasts the unmistakable flavour of one of the nation’s favourite confectionary brands. Packed with 20g of protein, the new bar is filled with delicious nougat, topped with a thick layer of caramel and peanuts and coated in milk chocolate. For SNICKERS? fans, the new launch takes taste buds to a whole new level!


White Chocolate Snickers Hi-Protein Bar (57g)

White Chocolate Snickers….HECK yes!! We’ve seen the ‘Limited Edition’ White Chocolate in supermarkets buuuut now a Snickers White Chocolate with 20g protein and lower sugar?! Ohhhh yes! No sacrifice when it comes to the gorgeous, timeless, unbeatable combo of caramel, chocolate and real peanut…and now the Chocolate is sweet, sweet WHITE chocolate!

Are you really serious about your snacks and your gym ‘gainz’? Then this White Chocolate Snickers Hi-Protein Bar (by Mars, of course!!) is for you! Building on the success of the previous launches, from Snickers Protein Bar, Snickers Hi Protein Peanut Butter Bar…the list now goes on AND the Mars Salted Caramel etc…the game just levelled up even M O R E!

Whilst the Hi-Protein Snickers Bar was a great post-workout snack (and reward!!) this White Chocolate Hi-Protein version has turned up the taste! This really is the PERFECT post-workout snack for those choc + peanut addicts out there! We know you’ll put that extra protein to good use!!


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