Advanced Genetics | Kamikaze | Pre-Workout | 60 Servings



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If you purchase this product you will earn 48 NF Bucks worth $4.80!

NF Bucks Rewards
If you purchase this product you will earn 48 NF Bucks worth $4.80!

The Highest Stim Pre-workout Ever…Just Got Better!

Kamikaze. The name says it all. With 500mg of caffeine per full scoop, coupled with the most powerful stimulants and nootropics available, this is one pre-workout that will have you powering through any training session and putting your gym bros to shame. And now it’s got the added benefit of the incredible PUMP that comes with Glyco-Surge!





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When do I take Kamikaze™?

For maximum results, on training days we suggest 1/2 scoop (or less!) 30 minutes before training.

Can I stack Kamikaze?
You can combine Kamikaze with GP3 EVO and Battle Juice for maximum effectiveness.

Do I have to take Kamikaze on non-workout days?
No, but it’s amazing in times of need (gaming, studying, etc.).

Do I need to cycle Kamikaze?
It’s always a good idea to cycle stimulants or take a short break of 3-7 days.

What makes Kamikaze so powerful?
Kamikaze is stimulant focused.  It combines powerful nootropics with the highest amount of stimulants in any pre-workout…ever.

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