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The World’s Most Effective Sleep Aid

Go Dark™ is designed to help you relax and increase your total sleep time and sleep quality. Better, deeper sleep allows the body to produce more hormones such as testosterone, IGF-1 and growth hormone. Better sleep has also been linked to lower body fat levels, faster recovery from exercise and improved quality of life.


When do I take Go Dark?
Take two capsules 20-30 minutes before bed, preferably on an empty stomach. DO NOT take during the day unless you are in the position to take a nap.

Do I need to cycle it?
We recommend taking a week off after every four week cycle.

Do you suggest stacking anything with Go Dark?
You can stack Go Dark with ALPHA and/or Testdex to maximize testosterone and increase pituitary output.

How long does it take for me to feel it start working?
You should feel the effects within 20-30 minutes. If you eat before taking Go Dark the effects may take a little longer.


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